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Zero doctored components

Best in class material used

Tested methods applied

Trained serviceman is engaged

Customer pre-informed for the costing

Warrantee of the components replaced and materials used

Package discounts

24/7 Support

How We Work

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We’re sounded by machines everywhere, as much they comfort in working conditions, they trouble in breakdown. We invest to make life easy but in case of appliance break down life becomes miserable. Hence, we have devised this unique service to reduce the hassle, hardships and loss of our beloved customers.

We live in the world where have thousands promises to keep at professional level, often our personal life suffers in the quest of keeping those promises. For example, we can’t be late to our office but if appliances have been broken-down, we have no option but to keep suffering till next weekend or give away with the professional promises to fix the appliances. In competitive environment of today, such stunts often fall costly. Why worry? We are around you, just a click away or perhaps a call to the maximum. We are easy to reach, convenient to work with and cost effective in our services. We’re here to enhance our customer delight.


Technicians were well-trained and they were able to sort the issues. Great concept started by your company. Since, it is really difficult to find skilled technicians in daily life.