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General Tips to our beloved Customer

Read all terms & Condition carefully before book your order. Always give your appliance to our authorized technical expert. You should check the Identity Card of technical expert before giving appliance. Always take your complain Id before giving appliance to our technical expert

In enquiries cases

We assure you that we would reach at your door step within 2 hours after your confirmation about services (excluding any unnatural/emergency incident)  We have our predefined rate list of general problems occur in Appliance but we will ensure you about exact cost of that particular problem after physical inspection by our technical expert. Our price list on website is made after a general study of market; it can be vary according to your problems. Sometimes it may be your exact price will not be confirm at your door step because of some special inspection which can be done only in our workshop/lab In that case we will confirm you within 24 hrs by call/SMS/email. At that time if you are not satisfy with our estimate you have to pay service charge. You will always treat with due respect with our technical expert, no any engagement of unlawful, threatening, harassing, abusive behaviour will be considered by us. The Company have all right to discontinue your service in case of misbehave with our technical experts.

Delivery Case

We ensure that we will deliver you back after resolving your problems within 72 hrs. If there is any unnatural/emergency incident, it can be change as per that situation. But we will inform you by call/SMS/email. In case of any special inspection of your appliance, your delivery period will be inform you either by call, SMS or email We assure that if your appliance is taken to be repair in our workshop/lab, we would handle it carefully but in case of any mishandling we will compensate for that loss/damage.*

Warranty Issues

We are service provider, not a manufacturer. We never cover any warranty on any components which we use. Components warranty is subject of manufacturer. After fix the job/deliver your appliance, you have no rights to claim in case of any physical/software damage or any problems occurs in your appliance.

Payment Issues

After confirmation of your order, you have to pay “Token Money” as per our technical expert have decided. Payment has to be paying just after deliver your appliance/fix your job to our technical expert. No negotiation will be consider on your generated invoice Mode of payment is subject of the company. We will never provide you the individual bill of components.

Privacy Policy

As you accepted the terms & condition you will also be the responsible with the damage, losses, cost and expenses which is created by your either misuse our services/website or creating infraction by you. The company have all right to change/modify all the terms & condition without any prior notice to user. The company can also discontinue/restrict the service to the users without sending or uploading any notice. At the time of using our services we collect your name, mobile number, email id & address Company can use your data for promotional reach (like: send emails, SMS, calls) All the terms & condition or offers/discounts is only applicable for Indore city and Indore city’s users.